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Cloud on my Tongue
Under the Pink

Someone's knockin on my kitchen door
Leave the wood outside
What all the girls here are freezing cold
Leave me with your Borneo
I don't need much to keep me warm

Don't stop now what you're doing
What you're doing my ugly one
Bring them all here
Hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair
It won't be fair if I hate her
If I ate her
You can go now

You're already in there
I'll be wearing your tattoo
You're already in there

Got a cloud sleeping on my tongue
He goes then it goes
And kiss the violets as they're waking up

Leave me with your Borneo
Leave me the way I was before

You're already in there
I'll be wearing your tatoo
I'm already in circles and circles and circles again
The girl's in circles and circles got to stop spinning
Circles and circles and circles again
Thought I was over the bridge now

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