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When All the Stars Were Falling

When all the stars were falling
I reached up like you said
All the stars were falling, one hit me in the head
And I fell down, down, down, I fell down, down

When all the stars were falling, they fell from above
And I thought of hate, and I thought of hate and then I thought of love
And I fell down, down, down, I fell down, down
And I've learned how to dance from a Vincent Van Gogh
And the nights were wrapped in a white sheet
And now no one even says hello, 'cause I couldn't stand on my two feet
I fell down, I fell down
Down, down, down

Now the peace you will find, in your own you have found
The lights of the city are the stars on the ground
"I may not be a quaalude living in a speed zone,"
But I could be restful, I could be someone's home if I fell down
And I fell down, down

Now all the stars have fallen

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