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Morning Song
Pieces of You

Let the phone ring.
Let's go back to sleep.
Let the world spin outside our door,
You're the only one that I wanna see.
Tell your boss you're sick,
Hurry, get back in, I'm getting cold.
Get over here and warm my hands up, boy,
It's you they love to hold.
And stop thinking about what your sister said.
And stop worry'n about it,
Yes, the cat's already been fed.
Come on darlin', let's go back to bed.

Put the phone machine on hold.
Leave the dishes in the sink.
Do not answer the door.
It's you that I adore, (for you I'll be a poor man's wife)
I'm gonna give you some more.

We'll sit on the front porch,
The sun can warm my feet.
You can drink your coffee with sugar and cream,
I'll drink my decaf herbal tea.
Pretend we're perfect strangers
And that we never met.
My, you remind me of a man I used to sleep with,
That's a face I'd never forget.
You can be Henry Miller and I'll be Anais Nin,
Except this time it'll be even better,
We'll stay together in the end.
Come on darlin', let's go back to bed.


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