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I'm still thinking about Elmo
Elmo 5 o'clock special
I'm still thinking about you
A thousand ways to kill you
I'm still dreaming in pink
Gives me the reason to think
When i lay down my head i'm still okay
When i lay down my head to go to bed

Where do you fit in

Didn't say to come in
Where the hell have you been
I can see you're excited
You can tell you're invited
Justify your evil ways
Make up for lost days
Didn't mean to close the door
When i threw you to the floor
Didn't mean to close the door
On my personal whore

Where do you fit in

You run out of expression
You let me make a suggestion
You've left a scratch on my face
I can see to this day
You're no innocent man
Come and catch me if you can
Didn't have the time of day
But i fucked him anyway
Didn't have the time of day to play

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