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Actions Without Love
Under These Rocks and Stones

there's a man outside my door tonight
he cries for help he sings a pleading song
well times are tough for everyone
gotta hold on to what i got
and just kind of cruise along

well i do
want to be helpful
but it's cold and i'm told
you can't be too careful

out of the mouth of a mother
into the hands of a brother
into the heart of a lover
and out of the hands of another

you can never tell who your neighbour is
or what he's doin' at night or who his friends are
well you don't know where he's from
or where he's been or who he knows
you know you can't be too careful
these days

well i do want to be helpful
whoa but it's cold
and i'm told he might just be the devil

well i don't take chances
and i don't take time to see
and i don't take nothing
from nobody
no way - not me

into the eyes of a child
into the ears of a child
into the heart of a child

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