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Under These Rocks and Stones

i'll be the girl with the long blond hair
and the really pale skin if you care
i sit in the corner of the room
cross-legged and quiet
filled with doom

i never ever liked the smell in here
it's cold and wet and reeks of beer
the lights are turned out permanently
but that's ok
cause i don't want to see

wayne wait for me
and take me up in your hot-air balloon
and feed me cotton candy
wayne pray for me
'cause i'll be there in a couple of years
until then, wait for me

who's the strange lady
with the big silly hair
and berries on her face
dressed like a pear
do i really have to hold her hand
and pretend she's my mommy
you're wife and man
(when i know you're not my mommy)
it's crowded and i feel lost in here
i'm trying to find a familiar fear
i look everywhere but i just can't see
there's not anything that reminds me of me

you made me feel as fresh as flowers
under these rocks and stones

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