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Tell On You
Bif Naked

It seemed like days had passed...
Are you finished?
I could no longer
Move my arms.
The only thing left in the room
Was the silence
Can you still hear the breaking glass
When it hit my face?
Even the mice were laughing
At the smell of pain,
Here we go again
To the depths of no return

Please remember I know who you are.
Someday, I'll have the strength to tell.
As the man looked over me
With his inquiries,
I swore you never did it.
I licked the sweat from my palms.
Alone am I with your face burned in my mind
You are the one who deserves to die
It should have never been me.

Please remember I know who you are.
Someday, I'll have the strength to tell.

I pray for you as a little boy.
What must have happened to make you so cruel?
and I pray that you rot in hell

please remembe i know who you are.
someday, I'll have the strength to tell
on you

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