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Last Exit To Eden
Amanda Marshall

The walls are thin here in this motel room
Some fool is raging overhead
He's preaching the gospel according to
Johnnie Walker Red
Four hundred miles talking to myself
Me and your memory end up here
I tell myself I'm gonna be alright
But it's still not clear

Did I just miss
The last exit to Eden
Is this the only love I'll know
Likea Judas kiss
Did my heart betray me
Back on the road I never chose
> There are some sins that you can justify
But not the on I'm guilty of
I had a choice one last chance ago
But I turned my back on love


I can hear the man upstairs, he's crying out
"Fall on your knees, the end is near"
We both may need a saviour, tonight I fear that mine
Is the one that Ii left waiting far from here


Did I just miss
The last exit to Eden
Did I just miss
My only way out of here
Did I just miss
The last exit to Eden
Did I just miss
My only was out

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