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Joining You
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

Dear dar(lin') your mom (my friend) left a message on my machine she was frantic
Saying you were talking crazy that you wanted to do away with yourself
I guess she thought i'd be a perfect resort because we've had this inexplicable connection since our youth and
Yes they're in shock they are panicked you and your chronic them and their drama
You this embarrassment us in the middle of this delusion
If we were our bodies
If we were our futures
If we were our defenses i'd be joining you
If we were our culture
If we were our leaders
If we were our denials i'd be joining you
I remember vividly a day years ago we were camping you knew more than you thought you should know
You said "I don't ever want to be brainwashed" and you were mindboggling you were intense
You were uncomfortable in your own skin you were thirsty but mostly you were beautiful
If we were our nametags
If we were our rejections
If we were our outcomes i'd be joining you
If we were our indignities
If we were our successes
If we were our emotions i'd be joining you
You and I we're like 4 year olds we want to know why and how come about everything
We want to reveal ourselves at will and speak our minds and never talk small and be intuitive
And question mightily and find god my tortured beacon
We need to find like-minded companions
If we were their condemnations
If we were their projections
If we were our paranois i'd be joining you
If we were our incomes
If we were our obsessions
If we were our afflictions i'd be joining you
We need reflection we need a really good memory feel free to call me a little more often

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